Cynthia Lok


Cynthia Lok is a Canadian singer/songwriter. She is passionate in leading people in worship to encounter Jesus in an intimate way and to experience freedom, healing and deliverance.



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album: Barricade
genre: Pop
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Enemies are hiding
Plotting to destroy me
I can feel them raging
Building like an army

Though my strength is fleeting
You’re the one who’s leading
You are all I need

When I’m with you, I can fight any battle
When I’m with you, I can scale any wall
When I’m with you, I can drive out the darkness
When I’m with you I’m no longer afraid
I can breakthrough a barricade, barricade

Demons run and scatter
All their weapons shatter
They are left defenceless
Nothing stands against us

I’m dressed in Your armor
Fully clothed in power
God You’re all I need

When I speak your word out loud
Every stronghold crashes down
Your holy truth is taking ground
‘Cause You are my Victory



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