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Retired US Military Combat Veteran who is totally dedicated to God and Country. I write all of the songs I write songs that have messages, not to entertain, and I pray that people who listen will get the message.


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Let's Return To God

genre: Country/Southern Gospel
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Our Great Nation is full of strife - There’s trouble on every hand

Satan’s disciples are running wild - Trying to chase God from our land

Lust and greed are common place - False idols are everywhere

And the saddest part of all is - Most people don’t seem to care


Our country was founded on the principals of God - His Commandments were seen everywhere

In public places at every level - And everything started with a prayer

But satan got a few of his people - Claiming reference to God shouldn’t be

The judges agreed with what they said - And they rejected our Deity



Let’s return to God - put him first in everything

Let’s return to God - follow Jesus as our King

Let’s return to God - and repent of all our sin

Let’s return to God - and He’ll return to us again


The devil went to courts and the judges agreed - Saying,”Ban God’s name in our schools”

Professing themselves to be wise - They became little more than fools

Violence and hate have taken his place - And guns are a common tool

The schools will never be safe again - Without God and his Golden Rule


It’s not safe to go to a movie anymore - Or walk the streets at night

Violence has gotten completely out of hand - Much to the devil’s delight

It’s because we’re  turning our backs on God - No longer care for our fellow man

A nation-wide revival is the only fix - For the mess that’s taken our land


( Repeat Chorus)

Let's Return To God


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