Everett Adams


I am a servant of God, retired from the working world but working full time writing and producing music to spread the Gospel through song. Messages given me to pass on to God's people and those that should be God's people, messages of warning, of love and hope, of encouragement in these the last days of a corrupt and dying world. I am a songwriter that does not perform what he writes, I look for an artist that sings better than they write, that look for new material to sing. I have written over 3000 songs, most of which are Gospel in a number of style and tempos. Country, Southern and bluegrass being the main flavor. I have self-produced a number of recordings over the years which got a fair amount of airplay, a # one song, and an SHAI award. I boast only in the fact that the Lord has trusted me enough to give me His songs to write. If you are an artist interested in hearing some of the songs He has given me, for possible recording, email me (ecadams@xplornet.ca) and I will give you a link to listen. I don't have a personal website or a social site but I do have several storage sites for my songs of different genres, which I give to those interested enough to make personal contact. I also have a number of pages on CD Baby where people can hear, purchase CDs or downloads. They can also purchase CDs by mail directly from me.


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Making music available

By Everett Adams, 2016-01-26

God keeps giving me messages in song that He wants to communicate to His people. I find it hard sometimes to keep up with the pace He is giving them to me, especially the cost of putting them to music. I had to give up making CD to sell because of the cost which was hard to ever recover through sales. Putting them on sites like this give a chance for people to hear them and if so inclined they can purchase at a reasonable price which will enable me to produce more songs. I know most people will not purchase for what ever reason, but there may be some that recognize this ministry has some value to reaching people for God's kingdom and will buy enough to keep me going financially and emotionally. I can only hope to recover a small percentage of my investment, hopefully my reward will be in heaven, which supporters will share in.

Gifts and talents

By Everett Adams, 2016-01-26

Every person born is important to God, He wants none to be lost. Every person is give talents and gifts to enable them to make a living and serve God. Every person born is born for a purpose and has a work to do for God. Some gifts and talents are very obvious while others are more  obscure, but none are more important than the other. I knew from an early age that I could write songs but not until middle age after I became a Christian, did I start using that talent for God. Many people with talents never get around to using them for God which is a shame. Many people never come to God even though they are called, they refuse because the world is so entising to them.

God doesn't expect people to use their talents exclusively in service to Him unless it is preaching,evangelism, etc. Talents that are used to make a living can be used for just that purpose but may be used in God service from time to time. I am very happy with the talent God gave me and I try my best to...

Time is growing short

By Everett Adams, 2016-01-13
Time is growing short

God has given me a talent to write, especially songs. I don't have any great talent to sing, just average, so I hire better singers than I to record them. Over my lifetime I have written over 3000 songs, not all gospel, but of late years 99% are Gospel. I realize time is fast running out on this world as we know it, and on my life in particular. I feel God wants me to get these songs heard, messages from Him to His people and those that should be His people. Getting these songs done professionally takes time and a fair dollar, both of which I am running out of. While I have my health and strength I will keep writing songs that He gives me and as I can afford it, I will get them professionally recorded and out to people as best I can.  I present these songs to the public at a price that is only a fraction of the cost of recording them. If the public purchases them, it enables me to spend more money on more songs, only eternity will show how much they have brought sinners into the...