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I am a servant of God, retired from the working world but working full time writing and producing music to spread the Gospel through song. Messages given me to pass on to God's people and those that should be God's people, messages of warning, of love and hope, of encouragement in these the last days of a corrupt and dying world. I am a songwriter that does not perform what he writes, I look for an artist that sings better than they write, that look for new material to sing. I have written over 3000 songs, most of which are Gospel in a number of style and tempos. Country, Southern and bluegrass being the main flavor. I have self-produced a number of recordings over the years which got a fair amount of airplay, a # one song, and an SHAI award. I boast only in the fact that the Lord has trusted me enough to give me His songs to write. If you are an artist interested in hearing some of the songs He has given me, for possible recording, email me (ecadams@xplornet.ca) and I will give you a link to listen. I don't have a personal website or a social site but I do have several storage sites for my songs of different genres, which I give to those interested enough to make personal contact. I also have a number of pages on CD Baby where people can hear, purchase CDs or downloads. They can also purchase CDs by mail directly from me.


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Tell 'em about hell

album: A door was opened
genre: Country/southern Gospel
streams: 16
audio file: mp3, 2.1MB, 00:02:19



Many seek a Gospel—without that word sin

Without the threat of hell—it doesn’t apply to them

They want a God of love–who turns a blind eye

Who won’t demand justice–from them when they die


Please tell’em about Heaven–it’s such a lovely place

Tell’em about Jesus—and His saving grace

But if they still won’t bow–or heed you too well

Then brother I beseech you----tell‘em about hell


(And) Tell’em about hell—where no one wants to go

Tell’em about darkness—that no one should know

Tell’em about the fire– that inflicts such pain

If they still won’t listen brother–then tell‘em once again


Tell’em about the mansions–and about the streets of gold

About eternity—and never growing old

But if they still ignore—the truth that you tell

Then brother I implore you–tell‘em about hell



Tell’em about Satan–and his deceitful lies

If they still won’t listen–then look‘em in the eyes (and) REPEAT CHORUS

Tell 'em about hell


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