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How Good is Good Enough?

user image 2021-10-31
By: jaimebradley
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From our early childhood, parents have explained us what is good and what is bad. They also have warned us that every our action and every type of conduct, no matter was it good or bad, would have its own consequences. In fact, if you are well behaved, you will get some reward, however, the opposite will cost you something. But no one told us that there would also be some gradation.

Now, being adults, we understand that our good behavior, right decisions, and performance of duties could be not enough for achievement of the intended goals. It all needs to be completed with a strong motivation and a constant desire to be the leader and outperform others.

These situations are frequent in our everyday life. For instance, your teacher asks you and your classmate to make a report on some topic for the next class. You are sure that you know this subject well and you spend enough time studying details and making important notes, so this report will not be a big deal for you. But when the time comes, the report of your classmate is considered like a better one because she added a detailed presentation and made a test for everyone. As a result, she is chosen to be an exchange student and goes to Paris for the traineeship because she is estimated as more motivated and enthusiastic person. Despite the fact, you did nothing wrong. The same disappointment is expected when a titled athlete underestimates his rookie opponent. The minute you think you are unattainable, someone appears to prove that you are wrong.

The idea that quite enough is enough prevents you from moving on, improving your skills, and getting new experience. Therefore, it is always better to do a little more than you are asked for and never forget about the possible perfect score.

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