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Just A Country Boy

album: Just A Country Boy
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Just A Country Boy
T. Roy Taylor
09/01/21 12:53:52PM @t-roy-taylor:

     Congratulations Ricky Paul! Your song "Just A Country Boy" just entered 

     "T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Country Top 20" chart for September 2021 at # 9!


T. Roy Taylor
08/11/21 11:42:42AM @t-roy-taylor:

Ricky Paul's, "Just A Country Boy", shares a story of a person who lives a simple life, accepts Jesus and looks forward to the day he will share Jesus with those he loves.  A well arranged song, powerful lead and background vocals with a strong message about Jesus. Ricky is a seasoned professional musician that doesn't disappoint. Go to his page here at Indie Gospel, hit his "Follow" button and request 

"Just A Country Boy" on KEN RICH's Indie Gospel Radio! Support our Christian Brother

and sister musicians here at Indiegospel!


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