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Indie Gospel TOP 20 Chart For April 2016 By James 'JB' Banfield

03/30/16 03:17:21PM, by James Banfield
IndieGospels Top 20 Chart for April 2016 The New...
James Banfield's Top 20 Songs

Are We RaisingThe Bar?

04/04/14 11:51:42AM, by James Banfield's Top 20 Songs
For the last 3 years I and others have been mentioning that we need to raise the bar up with our entries and make our...
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Indie Gospel TOP 20 Chart For Feb 2016 by James 'JB' Banfield

02/01/16 01:28:05AM, by James Banfield
Indie Gospel Top 20 Charted Monthly by James 'JB' Banfield - Feb 2016   right now, being able to actually number...
James Banfield

Indie Gospel TOP 20 Chart For Mar 2016 by James 'JB' Banfield

02/29/16 07:42:02PM, by James Banfield
Our First #1 Song for Jan 2016 was a song by Ann Wolf entitled "All These Things" and the second song for Feb #1 was...


T. Roy Taylor's Artist of the Month

Click to visit the artist, listen to the song, or download the award 2020 MONTH ARTIST SONG AWARD January James Banfield Stop, Look and Listen Download...

News Bulletin - April

  Indie Gospel's Top 20  songs and the  Top 10 Videos  are out for April. Please make sure you are following  James Banfield  to get the latest news on the song list. Tune in Fridays and Saturdays at 3...