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Apostle Dr. Heloise Sulyans-Gibson:Chaplain-Advocate Outreach Ministries in all aspects on being on the highways and byways. SMR Media Productions videos the many ways we celebrate our love for God and Jesus


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Heloise Why

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Pressing through the pain of Domestic Violence-due to verbal abuse & PTSD because I wanted to serve the LORD. Lies, trickery and deception. Yet today I stand for I am not a victim I am victorious.
Irving Martinez
01/27/10 03:31:37AM @irving-martinez:
Priase God for ever & ever becuase his mercy endif for ever. Dr. Heloise I enjoy your videos very much. My sister was nt feeling well and was emitted to the hospital about three weeks ago the hospital discharge her but she got sick againg and return to the hospital. At this moment she is doing a litle better her name is Gina she out of the hospital she is very special to me.There is also my niece her name is Vannessa and recently had a baby girl her name is Vannessa Marie I know you will keep them in your prayers.You are truly bless Thank You Jesus


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