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“Dj RedMan" Praises God, through Christian Rock music on the "Eternal Cross Show". He is dedicated to Spreading the word of God any way he can



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Styles of Christian music on ECS

user image 2013-11-03
By: The Eternal Cross Show
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Strong Tower Lunch Hour Mon & Weds 12-1 PM PST is a blend of different genres of rock music.

Tuesday Night Bliss 5-7 PM PST is a blend of mellow Rock, contemporary Christian music, and Rock music.

Thursday Night Thunder 5-7 PM PST is a ... blend of Christian Rock, hard Rock, and Metal.....................................


Salvation Saturday 10 AM-12 PM PST is a blend of singer/song writer Christian music and mellow Rock to get your morning started.

The Bread of Life Show on Sunday 12-1 PM PST is for those that cannot get to church for whatever reason. Pastor Joe Focht gives a morning afternoon service on the Eternal Cross Show. @
Jerry Herrera
11/04/13 12:02:42AM @jerry-herrera:

God Bless brother DJ Redman :) ^

The Eternal Cross Show
11/04/13 11:14:37PM @the-eternal-cross-show:

thank you my Brother Jerry  From "The Dusty Roads Show"


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