From Joshua

Pastor Helen Hanna
07/25/12 10:32:19PM

Praise God, morning. Mum here are pictures of Kids,names and their age, i looked for a photographer to do this because i dont have a camera and i hope its good. we were able to get some madecine for Marcy who was not feeling well Yesterday , and now she is doing well. thank you mum i am going to get them some cloths. Mum am praying for you that the lord will bring many people to help with this kids on your way,and that we will be able to get a van or a small car for now which will help me for now in that home.

i talked to Apstle and he said that he is looking forward when you come,he will ordain me in the ministry. i praise God for that, Amen,hallelujah,,,,,,, Mum may the lord bless you big, i love you so much mum son Joshua