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I am a believer of the biblical Lord Jewish born none pagan Jesus Christ otherwise born as Yeshua. I am what is referred as a born again believer Christian in messiah. The Jesus Christ as described and written about in the inspired and written word of God being the bible.

I honour & worship the lord hopefully in spirit and in truth. “24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” 
Matthew 16:24 KJV (What so many refuse/fail to do). 

You know the lord said when you give let not your right hand know what your left hand is doing. There are many ways to give. Announce it not as you may lose your reward. Just give. Give to those who really need it directly if you can. Support those whom are "really" doing the work of God/Jesus Christ and preaching the gospel. My thought is beware of prosperity preachers preaching a different gospel.

If anyone’s name was not found written in the lamb’s book of life he was thrown into the lake of fire.” (Revelation 20:15). WAKE UP!

Read the bible for yourselves and get to know the inspired, written word of God. Get yourselves saved.

Like other people I came to know Christ when I found out whom Christ was not as I was mostly deceived. I came to know him and who he truly is? I have experienced his love and transformation. It was his doing, and by his grace. 

I became a seeker for answers and I prayed and know others did so for me as well. I turned to the written word of God which directed my path. Christ is the way, the truth and the life. 

Musically speaking since being a child I had a passion and "perhaps" a gift for music.


The god of this age has blinded the minds of the unbelieving

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By: Wayne Sanelli
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The god of this age has blinded the minds of the unbelieving

No one is perfect but Christ/God. You can come to him as he himself said he will not cast away anyone whom comes to him.

Instead of going into what I know about the wicked heart I will tell you many peoples hearts are not right with God. Instead of gossip to demonstrate to you the talk of the town/world it cannot be stressed enough that people are very wicked unlike anything I have ever seen or witnessed before in this day and age. People are attached to all the defiled ways of the world and many are lovers of falsehoods. Many are blind. People hate the gospel truth and many things are done for money and not for God. Shameful.  Recently I came across an article regarding wicked hearts. Please read the following article including the comments and you will see wicked hearts and how people think of the exterior and disregard their interior HERE . ( I NEVER KNEW YOU ) Christ will tell many they are workers of inequity on judgment day.


lack of fairness or justice .
synonyms: unfairness, injustice, unjustness, one-sidedness, partisanship, partiality, favoritism, bias, prejudice, discrimination

Reading the bible, you can do it yourselves. Buy one and read it. Study it. The Kingdom of God comes NOT by observation.  It's in you. The messiah (Christ) said if you want to be my disciple keep my commandments.

When you give, give directly to the needy and hungry. Do give to the lame and broken. Thank God everyday too. Give to people needing help . The greatest ERROR many make is they fail to put the last first and the first last. Remind you of anybody?


Knowing the messiah

How do you know Jesus Christ that you never met when he walked the earth? He is one of those people that already met YOU. Well, we read his BOOK (The bible) and we can watch TV documentaries, films on Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  We can sense his character from reading the text of scripture. He was Jewish and he kept the Sabbath. He was not a white pagan guy. I believe he had hair worn near to his shoulders and he had a beard. The bible tells us about his appearance as well.   People can think "I never met the messiah Jesus Christ." You read the King James bible and experience how his Apostles and disciples knew him. Their stories. Other biblical stories. How Christ dealt with the religious Jewish leaders and other people. What great miracles he did and what a heart he had. People have reported for a long time meeting him in near death experiences and he is wonderful. He always existed as he himself said "before Abraham was I am." He knew you even before you were born. How can he know so many people? God knows all the stars in the heavens. He is the eternal father, the eternal mind and with God all things are possible but remember he is holy. You can pray too. The holy spirit will guide you into all truths if your heart is acceptable to really wanting to know him and seeking a special relationship with him. You can call upon his name and ask him to save you and even reveal himself to you. He knew Abraham and Apostle Paul/others too. God is all knowing. When you read his book (The bible) he knows that you take interest in his word. When you do unto others you do it unto him. Having faith serves him. The word of God tells us to seek first the Kingdom of God. He said the Kingdom of God comes NOT by observation as it is in YOU. You don't have to go very far at all to know him. You should worship him and be in the word. He and the father will come and dwell in you when you have made him lord & savior of your life. Try and get baptized in full immersion.  He loves you more than you could know. He died for the sins of the world. God desires none to parish. It’s people that seek to parish by hating the true God and loving sin and doing wicked/evil things. You can pray/worship with others that seek him and know him. You know what he said? That he knows his sheep.

Important to note :  That through the centuries and times so many lives have been changed and many people came to know Christ. He is REAL. He is not a cartoon character either. He is the son of God and God as he and the father are one.

Christ said the faith of a mustard seed could move mountains. Do we really belief this or is there something of selfishness that we desire that is undesirable to God? Narrow is the door that leads to salvation. See, we will give God an account for our words and actions  on judgment day. Gossip leads to wasted time and separates us from God. Build up instead of smashing down. Try and be cheerful as Christ overcame the world. Are you saved ? You should be!

Truly, the god of this age has blinded the minds of the unbelieving, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them . (2 Corinthians 4:4 ; Revelation 12:9 )

They hear but deny the power thereof - (They have ears to hear the majority of people) but they hear what they want to hear, and their hearts block out the glory of God and cares not to know him. Many people hear with their ears but they are deaf to really hear his message/gospel. By the things made we are without excuse. Many that don't know him or others whom are deceived deny the power thereof. Many serve a Christ that never lived. Many go to the wrong place to find him instead they find a counterfeit and accept deception with open arms. He knows his sheep.

Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.

1 John 3:16 KJV

Look God loves you dearly as he sent his only begotten son to die on the cross so you could be forgiven your sins as he is the lamb that takes away the sins of the world. Please watch the testimonies about him. Many do not know him.

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