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An atheist challenge

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This is an updated version with over notes in vocal. I’m not saying or implying the atheist man in not intelligent because he is. He learned about world religions and the bible. As he says the contradictions in the bible caused him to disbelieve. Thousands including believing scientists whom are very educated people did not see it the way he does. He questions (((Apostle Paul))). One must have faith. You cannot find God without faith and doubt. He is educated and somebody whom knows his atheism well enough to defend it against Christianity but of course he is massively deceived. The evil one sows doubt and confusion. He comes to snatch away the seed. So why does God allow it? Because you need faith to believe. Without faith it’s impossible to please the eternal living God. Man needs to come to the light he rejects. He needs to decide between heaven or hell. Obeying the true God or not. Again there are atheists whom came to believe. Some people are sent from down under to snatch the seed away from believers and even none believers to ever believe. See, we wrestle not against flesh and blood.
Wayne Sanelli
08/08/21 12:27:52AM @wayne-sanelli:


               This is an updated video podcast regarding the atheist wheelchair education man Who questions the Bible and is up for a challenge. This one has some vocal over notes. See the blog on this also here

see the notes at the bottom of the blog As well


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