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Evangelist Sajad Shahzad
Evangelist Sajad Shahzad
10 years ago
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Sir I am Evangelist sajad Shahzad from Pakistan, pakistan is a muslim country but only 2% of 180800000 are christians in Pakistan, most of them are uneducated because Christian are not good in financially. So God give us an idea to do some thing for poor & uneducated people.

Then we start our audio ministry and right now we are giving Free of cost New Testament in our native audio language & also Christian songs psalm and audio messages in different language. Sir you will know better then you visit our web site

Now God give us idea to help the poor & needy people most of people are facer of different disease, so God command us to start free medical camp for poor and needy people. Praise God we decide a date of free medical camp on 1 may 2010 in a village and sir we are collecting funds, right now we have US $ 60 & almost we needy US $ 350.

We dont have expenditure of our free medical camp but we decide date on faith we believe God will provides all needs. We arrange for a MBBS doctor, BIO lab technician and two persons are also working in our ministry. They are also working in government hospital and they will help us in free medical camp. So sir please visits our web site and our ministry and if God allow and put in your mind please help us, we are waiting for your reply.

Please prayer for us.

Gospel Mission Ministries

Yours sincerely

Evangelist Sajad Shahzad

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