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Adela & Jude perform a unique brand of Americana music conveying words of faith.


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Spring 2022 brings new music, new release "I Walk With the King"

We are feeling blessed and humbled these days with the outpouring of support for us.  2021 was a tough year for everyone, and we were lucky to be able to perform across the New England states.    

2022 has started off great and we're busy in our studio recording the first of two EP releases scheduled for this year.  The first will feature a new tune called "I Walk With The King".  We'll be posting a raw mix version here and hope you'll have a listen.  

The song came to Brother Jude one day, and he had to scramble to put it down on paper and it truly was a gift of a beautiful song.  We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we do performing it. 

Much love - in music

Adela & Jude

Lately So much music is coming thru me!

By Jude Moran, 2021-04-15
Lately So much music is coming thru me!

Like many songwriters, I sit down daily to write.  Lately, the Holy Spirit is moving my pen faster than I can write the words.  Seems I've been writing a new song every single day, if not more.   

Much of my inspiration comes from old Gospel Hymnals, as I read and sing some of them a particular phrase will grab my attention and I'll write it down.  Often I can find a passage in the bible that supports the line and lends meaning to the words.   That will get me started with the spark of the Lord and I just follow his lead because he is leading the band. 

Adela & I traveled and performed in all sorts of venues, churches, farmers' markets, and more.   If we can get a crowd at 2 am in a punk bar in Brooklyn to start singing "Amen, Amen" along with Hank Williams, "I Saw the Light", we can bring the Holy Spirit anywhere.   Jesus went among the sinners to show them that he is the light and the way.  We follow that example, he is our guiding light. 

As Covid...

As we get ready for a "Holy Hootnanny" - New Song "I Love Jesus"

We're  So Excited to be performing our unique brand of Foot Stompin' Revivalist Americana music at St. Lukes on the Hill in Mechanicville, NY on May 22 this year.    They have nicknamed the event "Holy Hootenanny" and assuredly it is exactly what we plan on making it. 

Adela & Jude are about Raise & Praise - and put your hands in the air shouting and stompin.  Make a joyful noise in the Lord's name!  

So to celebrate, we've written a new song for the event to give thanks and praise to Jesus.  We're in the process of recording it and will be sharing it here on IndieGospel.  

We're actively looking for opportunities to bring our fun & lively music praise music to  more people and churches, if you're interested - let us know!

We've been touring and playing our unique brand of revivalist Americana Gospel music for over a decade.  We started when we started writing music based on hymns we discovered in old Baptist, Christian and Pentecostal hymnals.   

We'd play secular &  Church settings and have experienced the Holy Spirit coming down on us and our audiences at both performances.  When we are closing the night playing our closing song, and the audience spontaneously breaks into shouting  "Amen, Amen"  is something we've experienced and cannot fathom that we were blessed to have this happen in our presence!