Amy N' Me is a songwriting and performing duo in the Houston, Texas area. They've been writing and recording their own music for over 4 years. When they perform live, they play all acoustic sets and cover a wide variety of genres. Their most recent album is entitled "Embers" and was released May, 2019. The lyrics to "Show Me" reflect Amy's journey through a difficult time in her life and where she found strength and guidance.



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Show Me

album: Embers
genre: Pop
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You opened my eyes

You helped me find it

I was so blinded



Nothing but silence

Wrapped around me

Tied and bound me


You, you showed me I could have it

You, showed me how to find it


Tied and torn I’ve lost my name

I gave it up and I’m to blame

I never thought that I could change

It always seems to stay the same


Today I’m throwin’ off these chains

That tied me up, I have no shame

For on my knees I prayed for strength

And just like that, you took my pain away

Show me



Sick of the pain

Wracked my soul

Empty and cold



Too hard to fight it

Weeping and weary

Can you hear me?


When the world is dark and gray

When you think you’ve lost your way

Know that everything will change

If you open up your heart and say

Show me…(x5) me

Show Me
T. Roy Taylor
03/02/20 08:34:14PM @t-roy-taylor:

Congratulations Amy on your new chart position on

"T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Top 20" for March 2020.

T. Roy Taylor
02/01/20 09:41:08AM @t-roy-taylor:

Your Welcome Amy. Keep multiplying the wonderful talent the Lord gave you.


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