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"As A Small Town Southern Girl, I am a PISTOL!  I am a singer/song writer who Answered God's Call! Most people live an active life, but I lived in Active Anxiety.  The source of Most My Heart Issues; CONTROL!  I felt so overwhelmed sometimes, it literally hurt to breathe!  I had many heartaches & pain; but through an unconventional "Act of Faith, In VEGAS"; Gave Up Control!  I answered God's Call & His plan started taking shape! My Call Was To Sing & This sparked the Impact of Obedience! ​ When I Obeyed, I can tell you that my Heart Felt Light for the first time in my adult life.  If you have placed your relationship with God On Hold; because of Fear, Anxiety or Anger; I Pray that by sharing my struggles & journey to Answer My Call & Launch Impact of Obedience, you are encouraged to take Your Leap Of Faith & Obey Your Call!"



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