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i have some songs to share........... i hope you are blessed and encouraged.........


Location: New York / Florida
Country: US

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angela dittmar
@angela-dittmar • 3 months ago • comments: 0
Posted a new SoundCloud track:
Believing For A Miracle


James Banfield
07/27/17 05:25:17PM @james-banfield:

LOL I was at Cindy's page letting her k now about "Widows Prayer" and that it is at #13 now from 18... its a very nice song... and then .... after I made my statement... doggone.. if you didnt make the same sort of statement days before Me!  funny  JB     

Jean Winter
12/04/09 02:20:07AM @jean-winter:
Hi Angela Welcome to Indie Gospel God Bless Jean


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