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God has delivered me from drugs and alcohol and as a testimony to my Savior I've started Anonymous Sinner. It is a website for people supporting each other through shared testimonies, prayer, encouragement, and understanding. I



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Anonymous Sinner
06/27/18 10:21:52PM @anonymous-sinner:

Hello my book is now available and here is a video of the book trailer

Karen Showell
01/22/15 03:45:01AM @karen-showell:

Hello and praise the Lord!

My Name is Karen Showell and I would love to be your friend.

Please follow me back.

Also please check out my music.

Always Remember that you are God's greatest Masterpiece.

I am praying for you

God bless you

Karen Showell


P.S.  Please Check out my Free Graphics Gallery that I made for you.

Please feel free to share.


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