Barb Maxey


"Growing up in a family of professional musicians, music is naturally a joy in my life! Studying classical music on both the piano and violin was a foundation, but influenced by late 60's/early 70's rock, I fell in love with the guitar and so at 12 years old, I started playing guitar and taught myself. From James Taylor to Bonnie Raitt to BB King, I listened and learned. And I decided that if the guys could play lead guitar, I could do it too!" Barb loves the boogie blues & swing/shuffle feel which you can hear incorporated in her guitar style whether playing walking bass or lead guitar. Her voice has a depth of sound that carries feeling and passion from her heart through each song. She writes her songs from life experience and the mercy she's found in the Lord. She is at ease whether playing a finger-picking style on an acoustic guitar, swing jazz guitar, or electric blues. As a psalmist with a prophetic flow, she invites the listener to a deeper place with God. She has led praise and worship for over 30 years, 13 of those full time as worship leader in a church ministry. "My heart is for His presence to touch people through music as I sing and play, which can be through many different venues and styles of music whether it is my heart sung to the Lord in worship, or a boogie blues shuffle about His goodness." Barb was a semi-finalist in the solo/duo category in the 2008 and 2005 International Blues Challenge competition in Memphis. In 2004, Barb won the Blues Challenge Peoples' Choice award.