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As a young boy of 17, music really hit me hard as my band "The Royal Guardsmen" had some hit records like "Snoopy vs The Red Baron" back in the late 60's. It was fun for awhile, but deep inside I knew there had to be more. When the Lord came into my life, He filled the emptiness with the Holy Spirit and gave me "a new song" to sing and for this I am forever grateful.



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Never Be The Same

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Never Be The Same
Barry Winslow
06/13/21 04:11:04PM @barry-and-teena-winslow:

We agree Brother......all the signs are there....we just need to keep looking for them as they make themselves known. Praise God. 

I feel so sorry for those that just won't listen.  His day is coming, and oh I want to see His face and feel His love first hand. Thank you Jesus....come soon.   Amen

Love ya Brother

Barry & Teena

T. Roy Taylor
06/14/21 01:28:18PM @t-roy-taylor:



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