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Betty Howard is a songwriter, musician, and retired music teacher. She was born and raised in Houston Texas and started taking piano lessons at the age of 10. To learn more about her remarkable career, please read her complete biography.

Betty Howard - Biography

Betty Howard, a songwriter, musician, and retired music teacher, was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She started taking piano lessons at the age of 10. During her childhood and adult life, she sang with local church and school choirs in Houston.

Presently, Betty sings soprano with the Foundry United Methodist Church Chancel Choir in Houston, Texas. She also sings for special events at various churches and community centers in the Houston area. After graduating from Jack Yates High School in Houston, Betty decided to enrolled in Texas Southern University where she earned two degrees, a Bachelor of Music Education and a Master of Education.

She worked 35 years as a music teacher in the North Forest Independent School District and the Houston Independent School District before retiring in 2004. During her teaching career, she composed original songs and also arranged many songs for her kindergarten through twelfth grade students to sing for school and other special programs. Betty decided to record her "God's Amazing Love" debut gospel music album at Kena Naya Productions in Tomball, Texas in 2012. The 12 track album consists of 3 traditional hymns, 4 inspirational classics, 2 spirituals and 3 original songs. All of the songs on the album were meticulously arranged by Betty Howard to create her unique style of music.

When Betty puts her spin on a song, she always remains true to the basic melody of the song, occasionally adding  "blue notes" (notes from the blues scale) to add flavor and color to the melody. Examples of this can be found in her arrangements of Edwin Hawkins' "Oh Happy Day," Marijohn Wilkin and Kris Kristofferson's "One Day At A Time" and the spiritual "There Is A Balm In Gilead."

Singers like Aretha Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Ray Charles, and Reverend James Cleveland have influenced the music of Betty Howard. To make a long story short, Betty described her music as "Sweet Gospel with a Touch of the Blues." She used her resonant singing voice to sing songs that convey messages of hope, love, joy and eternal life. It is her desire that listening to the songs on her "God's Amazing Love" CD nay encourage people to live a more godly life and do everything within their power to get ready for that Great Day.

Finally, Betty posted her first video for the song "Lord Hear My Cry: Make Me Over Again" on You The video was filmed and edited by Ben D. Richardson in Houston, Texas. Currently, CD,, iTunes, MP3, Mardel Christian Bookstores and some other online websites are promoting and selling Betty's "God's Amazing Love" gospel album.,, and (3 free online radio stations)are playing some of the songs that are on her "God's Amazing Love" CD.

Betty Howard has started working on a video for the song "Oh What A Joyful Reunion We Will Have" (another song on her "God's Amazing Love" CD) to post on You this year. In addition, she will publish sheet music for the song "Lord Hear My Cry: Make Me Over Again" and continue to sing for special events at some of the churches and community centers in the Houston area.

Betty Overstreet
04/20/20 09:05:29PM @betty-overstreet:

love the bluesy sounds of your music.  Enjoyed the video very much!  

Ted Roberson
12/29/15 06:28:46PM @ted-roberson:

Well done video and music arrangement.Intreging.


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