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Betty Overstreet is an Artist/Songwriter. She has a number of original songs as well as several she has co-written with others: John Covert,Crystal Image; George LaFlame; Sharron Hammer. She also records Cover Songs that touch her heart. Betty has won awards for some of her songs; Akademia Music Awards 2016: Best Song Country/Americana- "You came right back and Best Song Christian/Folk- "I dreamed I walked along with Jesus" (co-write with Sharron Hammer Northwest Alabama Publishing Co. Song Writers Contest 2019: 1st Place Traditional Gospel- God will send an Angel" 1st Place Christian Song-"Let me follow" 2nd Place Country gospel- "Dreams don't always happen" Betty and her husband Gary perform together at Church Concerts, Senior Residential Homes and private parties. Their various genre are: Country Western, Classic Rock n Roll and Gospel.

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Happy New Year!

user image 2021-01-26
By: Betty Overstreet
Posted in: Chatting with my friends!
Happy New Year!

Hello all my friends around the world!

Isn't is amazing how we can have friends around the globe in todays world?  When I first began my music career I would have had no way to reach out as we can now.

We are beginning to schedule gigs now, depending of course on how the virus is at a given date.  We will be singing at Rockville Terrace, a Senior community, in Fairfield on February 18th. The weather has to be good as we will be outside on the Terrace. 

A church in Maxwell, about 70-80 miles north has contacted us for a Gospel concert , date not as yet determined,, depending on the Virus, as to being able to perform inside the church.  I need to call the Pastor about that.  It just feels so good to think we may be able to share our music this year.  We only had 2 events last year.

Time to get back to writing some Gospel songs.  Gary was teasing me the other day about the fact I wrote 11 Christmas songs last year so I need to write at least 10 Gospel songs this year!

I would love to hear from you, here in the guestbook or as a comment.

Stay safe and Blessed, Betty


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