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Betty Overstreet is an Artist/Songwriter. She has a number of original songs as well as several she has co-written with others: John Covert,Crystal Image; George LaFlame; Sharron Hammer. She also records Cover Songs that touch her heart. Betty has won awards for some of her songs; Akademia Music Awards 2016: Best Song Country/Americana- "You came right back and Best Song Christian/Folk- "I dreamed I walked along with Jesus" (co-write with Sharron Hammer Northwest Alabama Publishing Co. Song Writers Contest 2019: 1st Place Traditional Gospel- God will send an Angel" 1st Place Christian Song-"Let me follow" 2nd Place Country gospel- "Dreams don't always happen" Betty and her husband Gary perform together at Church Concerts, Senior Residential Homes and private parties. Their various genre are: Country Western, Classic Rock n Roll and Gospel.

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A bottle of wine and Patsy Cline

By Betty Overstreet, 2021-07-13
A bottle of wine and Patsy Cline

Hello again!  I am pretty excited about the responses we are receiving about this new song, A bottle of wine and Patsy Cline! 

You can request it here on IndieGospel and that will help me get into the Top 20!  And of course you may download it if you wish! 

Where did that song come from!

By Betty Overstreet, 2021-07-03
Where did that song come from!

We were attending Bible Study a few weeks ago and the leader told the story of how an old hymn was created.  It got me to remembering the stories behind some of my songs and I decided to share one with you.

Back in 1988 my sister Deborah and I made a trip to Nashville for a recording session.  The session went fine, choose 4 songs to record from the Producer, Vern Pratt's suitcase full of demos from songwriters. It was a wonderful experience for this amateur artist to be in the room with all these Pros.  They were very patient with this country girl from California.

I few months later I returned to meet the Promoter who had been recommended to me, Thommy  Thompson .  We met at a café (where else but Shoney's the hangout of musicians) to discuss business. He and his wife arrived and we had a fun joking time and at a point we were discussing exactly what he would do for me to promote the song, "Let the Sandman wait". 

As various items were listed I jokingly...

Happy New Year!

By Betty Overstreet, 2021-01-26
Happy New Year!

Hello all my friends around the world!

Isn't is amazing how we can have friends around the globe in todays world?  When I first began my music career I would have had no way to reach out as we can now.

We are beginning to schedule gigs now, depending of course on how the virus is at a given date.  We will be singing at Rockville Terrace, a Senior community, in Fairfield on February 18th. The weather has to be good as we will be outside on the Terrace. 

A church in Maxwell, about 70-80 miles north has contacted us for a Gospel concert , date not as yet determined,, depending on the Virus, as to being able to perform inside the church.  I need to call the Pastor about that.  It just feels so good to think we may be able to share our music this year.  We only had 2 events last year.

Time to get back to writing some Gospel songs.  Gary was teasing me the other day about the fact I wrote 11...

Some of my books are now available!

By Betty Overstreet, 2021-01-15
Some of my books are now available!

Gosh, can't believe it is the middle of January 2021 already!  I have been busy adding my Books to my store here on IndieGospel.  I just shared "Water to Wine, 2 Fish to a Feast".  It has been my most popular with my readers.  One lady who read this one bought 30 (Yep, I really said 30) so she could share them with all her friends.  I have felt this would be a good book for a Bible Study Group as each story would, I believe, encourage discussions within the group! 

The sun is shinning here in California today and daffodils are sneaking their little heads up out of the ground. I believe Mother Nature is confused and thinks it is Spring instead of Winter.

I would love to hear from you, let me know what you think of my music and books.

Love in christ, Betty

A huge Thank You!

By Betty Overstreet, 2021-01-02
A huge Thank You!

Thank you so much my friends, for taking the time to rate my songs and videos. I know you are busy with your lives and I appreciate that you will take the time to let me know you are listening to my music.  I will be uploading more videos in the near future so keep checking back!  

Have a safe and happy New Year!  Betty Overstreet

A New year is dawning

By Betty Overstreet, 2020-12-30
A New year is dawning

A New Year is right around the corner and I pray it is a better one for all of us regarding the Virus problem we have faced all year.

It has certainly been different than in the past.  We have been carefully sheltered in, Sheltering in place, social distancing, missing out on Family Parties, etc.

However, on a happy note, my muse has been working overtime guiding me to write eleven Christmas songs and created a CD-Christmas Eve at Granny's house!  that is the most songs I have ever written in one year.

We are thinking positive-scheduled a gig at one of the Senior Residential Homes for February (depending on the virus being gone) and a church in Maxwell has contacted us to do a concert as soon as it is possible.  We are so looking forward and praying God will put an end to the Pandemic so life can resume. 

Keep in contact, write in my Guestbook and have a Wonderful New Year!  In God's care, Betty

Good Morning

By Betty Overstreet, 2020-04-25
Good Morning

This is my first time to reach out here on Indie Gospel, as I am very new to the site.  I pray you are all staying safe through this "Shut down of our Country". Gary and I are staying in and working on new songs. My newest, Your love amazes me, is getting great reviews from various sites. One of the sites I really enjoy is  We can ask for reviews from other members of the site and if you don't mind critiques, which can help us improve our art, you might like to give it a try. 

I am excited about having my music here on Indie Gospel and to meet all of you who were here before me.  Drop me a line and say Hi, when you have a chance.

Betty Overstreet, BMI


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