Byron Fester


I am a Gospel singer from Spruce Grove Alberta. I am retired and spend alot of my time writing songs and praying. I want to get the message out that Jesus Christ is the only answer in this troubled world. God Bless you all.

I also have a Christian Radio Station on the internet called Praise Radio. Go to to listen.


Location: Spruce Grove
Country: CA


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@Paula Disbrow, 01/27/16 02:04:17AM


The Lord has blessed you with a sweet, beauitful voice and wonderful songs that very much minister to me. Your music brings me God's peace, and joy and brings me closer to the Lord, very touching music. Thank you for letting the Lord use you so mightily. You are a great blessing to me and I know to a lot of people also. God bless you always.

Paula Disbrow
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@Paula Laird, 07/12/15 04:44:46AM
Hi Byron,
Love your videos,have a great day.
Paula J Laird