Carmen Mills


Hello,my name is Carmen Mills. I am a singer/songwriter. I was adopted at age 3 in San Jose Costa Rica and brought here to the US. God has brought me through many situations from malnutrition and abandonment issues. The doctors didn't think I would be able to accomplish much but my father adopted me anyway. These are the things I write about in my songs. God is awesome.




My story starts as a toddler who had been found in an orphanage by an American man. He came to the country of Costa Rica looking for a child to addopt. He had no idea what he was getting himself into when he found me. The doctors told him I would not be a good canidate because I had so many issues. I was severely malnourished from lack of a healthy diet. I couldn't even walk and was already showing signs of distrust. The chances that I would ever graduate high school or get married, would probaly never happen...



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