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Christopher Upchurch is a Christian/Gospel Singer/Songwriter BMI. Christopher's singing inspiration is to birth a NEW genre called R&S music,or Rhythm and Spirit. Its a up beat Pop&Soul sound with a foundation of Christian-based inspired lyrics. Christopher was born early morning January 2, 1986 in Flint, Michigan youngest of 8 siblings including both sides of parents. Christopher will never forget when "Mary Mary" Gospel Artist commented on his myspace page saying " God bless continued much success". Christopher is currently releasing new single "Why Breathe" off the album "Real" due to release in July 2011. Christopher is a new artist on Romans 10:18 Music&Entertainment since late March 2011. Christopher's single "Why Breathe" is available in most digital stores itunes,rhapsody,amazon and more. Christopher will be touring cities like Washington D.C, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Grand Rapids, just a few of the 10 plus city tour starting May 2011 called "Breaking The Music Barriers. Christopher is also in production with Angela J.Wilson Gospel Musical Stage Play "Million Dollar Man" and upcoming Gospel Musical Stage Play: Kelli Bolton "You said you love me" in August 2011. Christopher has performed Hit single "Why Breathe" at venues late 2010 and "Why Breathe" has seen radio play in Hometown Flint, Michigan on 92.7wdzz early 2011. Christopher's talents,faith,love and integrity shows on stage and off. Christopher's goal is to be successful in Christian Ministries and Entrepreneur building for the generations to come. Christopher says " Put Jesus Christ first in all you do, and all your endeavors should prosper, and bring Glory and Honor to Jesus Christ. Quotes from single "Why Breathe" "The race just started don't look back you've already won"! Album "Real" release summer 2011 from Romans 10:18 Music&Entertainment.


Location: Columbus, OH
Zipcode: 43229
Country: US


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Why Breathe The Official Music Video

Duration: 00:03:57
The Official Music Video
Song By: Christopher Upchurch
Directed by: Marsune T. Roe (Mr. Mook)
Edited By Bruce Taylor for Key Media Group
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