Clifford Mitchell


young black and gifted, i have pastored for eight years, and have been in ministry for 39 years, i have song for 39 years. i am minister of music at the chruch i attend. i have taught sunday school, bible study, btu, i have played organ and piano, 25 years. i have given speeches, written sermons and have given advice to pastors and overseers.i ask that you would pray for my ministry, time world ministry is a ministry that is being designed for our urban youth it is to retrain them, to reteach them, and what we will deliver is ultimate educational changes for extended success. it is designed to move our young people from the street corners, and the jail house, and to teach them how to become young men and women. and to teach them how to become productive citzens in our society. this will be a challenge for me but with gods help and your prayers, and support, im going to make it. my church is the church of the living god temple 3 where god is always in charge.


Location: Decatur, IL
Zipcode: 62521
Country: US


Songs: 9

lost without you

you are everything