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God Bless and know that you are loved by our Saviour Jesus. Miracles happen...I know first hand. Check out the new pics of my divas, Felicia and Allie and their pets. I'm the photographer and sometimes I get lucky but most of the time my pics stink...but who could take a bad picture of these two...I'm objective you know. Blessings, Cyndie
How do you overcome a fatherless family? How do you overcome the mental abuse of a cult. Both of these things played a huge part in the struggles I deal with today. I'd like to say i have overcome them but bits and pieces of the "programming" slip back into my head and i find myself falling back into the pits of low self esteem and insecurity. I was taught to hid my feelings. Children were seen and not heard, particularly the girls. The fact that my father completely blew me off made me feel even that much more invisible. To this day the only person i can confront with out having a panic attack is my husband, Larry, and that's after 21 years of marriage. (we only fight when he's wrong, but don't tell him that. ;}) The cult I grew up in was "The World wide Church of God' No, there was no sexual abuse and we weren't forced to marry at 13. It could have been much worse. I've also had a serene faith that has been everpresent in my life. I know He is with me and I know, no matter what is thrown my way, there is purpose in it and I will learn and hopefully grow from it. I know I'm a work in progress. Now that said, there are still people in my life from WWCG that I respect and care for. I don't agree with everything the believe but the same can be said from them to me. I do attend church and I believe that there are Godly, good people in all denominations. It is not up to me to judge someones heart. I think getting caught up in the separation by denomination issue really robs Christians of faithful ally's. If anyone out there is the child of a divorce i'm a good listener/reader. I know how deeply this impacts. I know the holes it puts in your heart and your soul. I don't have all the answers but I will be glad to lend an ear/eye. God bless you all.
I met Larry when I auditioned for his band. I made it into the band. We traveled for a long time playing in various size groups from solo to 7 piece acts. We've played with many different combinations of instruments, and, many eclectic, eccentric personalities. We quit the road in about 1993 and soon ended up pregnant...we quit playing bars in 1994 because the smoke really bothered me while I was pregnant. When Felicia was born there were alot of complications. She is slightly handicapped as a result of the complications. It was the event of her birth that we found our way back to Christ. We began leading Praise and Worship at our church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Alecia (Allie) was born three years later. Here are our 2 beautiful daughters. They are Alecia, 6, (blue eyes) and Felicia, 9,(brown eyes) they both sing and write. (Check out Felicia's song "The Cross is His") (Check out Allie's song "Jesus Is With Me") We've moved back to Texas and we play in an eclectic, progressive rock/gospel Christian band. We have 3 writers in the group. We are blessed. Featured on these songs are: "Down on my Knees" Jeff Southerland, (issee on Songramp) on all guitars and on production. Andy Frame (The Mosaics on Songramp) on Bass guitar and Drums. "Clay" All guitars by Alex Stangl (Strobicaxe on Songramp) "Leap of Faith" All music by Cyndie Mace/Production Larry Mace "Quiet Voices" Guitars by Larry Mace (my husband) also production. "Broken Wings" All music by Cyndie Mace/Production Larry Mace All music copyright between 2000 and 2006 by Cyndie Mace and FeeferAllie Productions.
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Location: Texas
Country: US


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