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Hello my name is Daniel Dale Tilton. I was born in 1962 and raised in Boise Idaho. I love rock and roll, especially all classic rock. I have been a around musicians and music all my life. All of which is a huge influence on my life, especially today and in my music. Music is one of my passion in this life. My Genre: acoustic/rock/gospel/worship I am affluent in prophetic worship and prayer and intercession and worship leading as well as teaching the word of God as well as evangelism I am a musician and have been all my life. I am also a minster of the new covenant... For Several years ive been working on studying the written word of God...fellowship.... song writing/worship/praise ....and getting close to Jesus.... my songs are influenced from my walk with Jesus and what I grown to know in life and how it all touches my heart, my soul. Most of my songs are coming from my heart in a spontaneous/prophetic way. I have been called into the prophetic & evangelistic & healing ministries leading people in worship into the presence of God is one of my passion. I enjoy what my songs do for others and I hope to uplift and admonish build up encourage each and everyone of you in a special personal way with my music... ddt (fightingeagle1962) peace and love to you....


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