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I am a Contemporary Gospel/Christian Indie Artist, songwriter, producer, and worship leader. A native of New Haven CT, but now living in Charleston, SC. I've been singing since the age of 7 years old. “Born to Worship” is not just a slogan for me, but is the essence of what I know God has created and gifted me to do through singing, songwriting, and spoken word, as well as any other form of service and ministry. In 2006, I released my first CD album of original songs entitled, “I Belong To You”. I have had the privilege to sing and minister on various platforms of radio and television programs. I just released my latest CD entitled, "Breakthrough" (A Worship and Word Project) consisting of original songs and spoken word. Healing for the soul right now..


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From The Inside Out

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From The Inside Out
T. Roy Taylor
09/02/21 12:37:04PM @t-roy-taylor:

Darshan if you have an additional photo available for the right side of the player you can upload - that would be great! Thank you.

T. Roy Taylor
09/02/21 12:32:38PM @t-roy-taylor:

"From The Inside Out" by Darshan Nicole Hawkes is a very unique song. It's a different style that will cause the listener to keep listening to find out what's next. Beautiful vocals that will keep you requesting it on the radio! FOLLOW Darshan and request

"From The Inside Out" on KEN RICH's Radio Show!


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