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David Erickson has been singing Christian music since he was twelve. He was born to the father and mother of four boys and one girl. David was the oldest. His dad, Wesley Erickson, and mother, Gladys, were ministers to the Native Americans in Nevada for over 30 years. The artist began leading worshsip when he was twelve years old, and continues until today. He has been the worship leader in churches in four different states including Alaska. Some of his songs were written and recorded in Alaska with only a microphone, a couple of music programs and a computer. His latest songs were recorded in a home studio in Carson City, NV. He believes he does all this to please the one who is above all, God.




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I Walk With My Lord

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I Walk With My Lord

David Erickson



Verse One

I was so far away from him.  There was no peace inside.

 But he brought me near, close to himself.  I made peace through his blood.

Today, tomorrow, and every day there is forgiveness through his grace.

And I know that I know I am his and I stand here amazed.



I walk with my Lord, I talk with him and I call him my own

I have come so far from the sins I have sown.

I walk with my lord and he shows me the insatiable riches of his presence.

How glorious it is to be standing here on earth and feeling God’s essence.


Verse Two

Oh, what grace is wrought to me, that I can dwell in heavenly place.

Not only to feel his love and blessings but to experience hiss embraces.

He is constantly there to lift up my spirit even when I’m down.

Every day I’m excited to walk with him and always know he’s around.



I walk with my Lord and feel so loved and protected.

I walk with my Lord every day and all day.


Copyright by David Erickson 2020

I Walk With My Lord


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