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David Erickson has been singing Christian music since he was twelve. He was born to the father and mother of four boys and one girl. David was the oldest. His dad, Wesley Erickson, and mother, Gladys, were ministers to the Native Americans in Nevada for over 30 years. The artist began leading worshsip when he was twelve years old, and continues until today. He has been the worship leader in churches in four different states including Alaska. Some of his songs were written and recorded in Alaska with only a microphone, a couple of music programs and a computer. His latest songs were recorded in a home studio in Carson City, NV. He believes he does all this to please the one who is above all, God.




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That Is Who You Are

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That is Who You Are

David Erickson



Verse One

You formed the earth, the universe with your right hand.

Man was created, his mate, also the oceans and dry land.

You breathed the breath of life to everything, including the stars.

You are the master of all that we see. That is who you are.



Yes, Lord, that is who you are. That is who you are.

You love, you care, you create. That is who you are.

Everything around us belongs to you. That is who you are.

Yes, Lord, you love us so much. That is who you are.


Verse Two

The little baby's smile, his cuddle.  A warm hug from someone we love.

A rainbow after a storm.  The bright sun that shines from above.

You see us in need, and you listen to our cries every day.

Oh, how I worship you because that is who you are.



Oh, my Lord, I look around and see all that you have done.

Indeed, this is cause to say, that is who you are.

From the beginning you put all things into its place.

That is who you are always. That is who you are.


Copyright 2021 by David Erickson


That Is Who You Are


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