I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I've been listening to Bruce Moss music for several years now. His songs always tell an uplifting/heavenly story with focus on Yahshua as best friend & loving redeemer. I love learning the words and singing along. One song in particular I wrote down all the words and put guitar chords it. The way that God keeps giving new songs for Bruce to sing is truly amazing! Love ya Bruce! Love your music!



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"One of your songs I was listening to over this past weekend says something like, 'when I stray take me to your cross.'  Well, I've been straying and the song..."


11/15/21 01:24:38PM @dee:

One of your songs I was listening to over this past weekend says something like, 'when I stray take me to your cross.'  Well, I've been straying and the song made me realize that the way back is to behold Yahshua on the cross.  I went home and started reading the latter days of our Savior on this earth.  Your song directed me to open up the pages of Scripture that I've been neglecting and see Him. What a blessing that was! I have maybe 6 of your cd's but want to get more (I'd like to eventually get caught up to you and have them all)!  I was thinking as I listened to your songs this weekend that I'd sure like to visit you and see your studio & watch you record but I'm thinking I live way too far away for that brother Bruce!  If you ever come down to the states somewhere near Idaho I would travel to see you.  Until then, many hours of drawing close to Yahshua are in store for me as I listen to your songs. Shalom.    

Bruce Moss
11/16/21 07:57:46AM @bruce-moss:

Hi Dee, I have to confess that I don't spend much time on my web-site, so more often than not, I miss seeing the comments such as yours until much later. When it comes to straying, welcome to the club. I believe that it's something that we all experience from time to time due to our carnal nature, but the good news is that, like the prodigal son, our Father will always welcome us home. Let me know which CDs you have, and I will send you the other 10, as my gift to you, to complete my current library. CD #17 is in the works, and God willing, I am hoping to have it finished early in the new year. If you would get back to me via email at, with the titles of the CDs that you currently have, I will complete the list and get them in the mail to you. Please confirm that your mailing address has not changed. Dee Sexsmith 1031 Stone Road, Blanchard, ID 83804, USA.

In the meantime, here is link to my latest video on youtube. I am finding that youtube has not been sharing my uploads with my subscribers, and has been deflating the number of subscribers. I've just started uploading my videos to Rumble under the name Netzer. Your help in sharing this information would be much appreciated. Shalom my friend, stay safe.


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