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I am a single father of one. I am also a singer/songwriter from Martinsburg WV. I love the Lord and I want to share the Good News. God bless you and thankyou for checking out the tunes.


Location: Martinsburg, WV
Zipcode: 25404
Country: US


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By Dee Smith, 2014-10-19

Hello, if all of my brothers and sisters from IndyGospel don't mind please hold me up in your prayers. I love and care so much for each of you. Thank you all. God bless. d.

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By Dee Smith, 2014-10-05

Funding my next CD. All sells of this CD will benefit The Wounded Warrior Project.

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Secret Sins

By Dee Smith, 2013-02-28

                                     Secret Sins       Dee Smith ©2013 BMI


1V.     I go to church every Sunday and Wednesday, I’m a member there.

           Give my offering before the sermon in my deacon’s chair.

           Gotta brother living down the road, of which I never see.

           He’s a liar, a drunkard whoremonger, not a thing like me.

           Nobody in this congregation realize I can’t forgive.

           This is one of my secret sins.


2V.       I lock the door to my bedroom to escape the family mess.

             In the bed, on my PC looking at airbrushed breasts.

             The beauty on my screen mesmerizes, takes my breath away.

             Delete my cookies empty the bin before the wife comes home today.

             Lust has a power upon me a stronghold that never ends.

             Just one of my secret sins.


CH         Everything done...

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Fall Away

By Dee Smith, 2014-04-28

                         Fall Away-  Dee Smith (C) 2014 BMI


 1.V. Many say their righteous and they’ll stare you in the eye
         They stand without blame and blame the other guy

         Occupy big churches, take out the cross and alter call

         Lukewarm Laodicean  warned before your fall.


 CH    Fall Away

          Fall Away

          Fall Away

          Fall Away


 2.V.    You say you walk with Christ, follow in His...

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