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Life as DeMarcus Jones has not always been pleasant. This sweet, kind and loving person that we all have come to know once was a troubled, disturbed individual. At the age of 15, life’s struggles began to take him into the wrong direction, showing him the road he didn’t need to take. After battling so much and making so many mistakes, disappointments all around him,he soon realized that living this kind of life was not where he needed to be. So at the age of 19, he decided to give his life back to the Lord and start over a brand new being. DeMarcus knew he had a gift from God in music. This unique talent was having a listening ear for music and a patient heart for teaching any who believe they can sing. Putting the two together was one of the best decisions DeMarcus could have made, it gave him a new positive outlook on life. Putting God first in his life opened many doors. Now the time for a new chapter in DeMarcus life has come. He felt that his "Purpose" of all he had been through and haven’t to go through in the future was design to mentor those who will fall behind him. So he begin to mentor youth all over the world on the web, in person, where ever need be. His goal was to teach them how to take something negative and turn it into a positive action in life. One way of doing this was, coming out by taking positive music to build his faith to believe he can overcome and achieve. So, in June 2002, DeMarcus took those that he had mentored and wanted to be a part of his ministry, to do the same and formed the anointed group Next Dimension. This group consisted of 12 individuals who had been through enough in life that they felt they should be shared with many through their melodious hymns. Though there have been obstacles in the group yet their still holding on. The group believes that it is important to strive to be more like Christ and help bring lost souls to Christ through encouraging songs.



Location: Desoto, TX
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2009 Concert "Can't Nobody" ft. Kenjr

Duration: 00:03:01
How many of you really know can't nobody do you like jesus no matter how we sing it are put it the phrase remains the same. Request us in your city NOW!


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