Enjoy the unique voice and Message of Peter Arciniega Jr.  Pete was born in Robstown, Texas. He became a Believer at 10 years old. Pete is living proof that The Lord uses the humblest of servants to accomplish great things for his honor and glory. Pete is a former Marine, Pastor, Boxing Coach, singer and songwriter. He is affectionately known as “Pastor Pete” and “Coach Pete”. Pete started “Arciniega Boxing Ministry” in Lockhart, Texas in 2004. Many young men and women have given their live’s to The Lord during the past sixteen years at the gym! In 2017, The Lord called Pete to start up a church and Calvary Chapel Anchor of Hope was established. In 2019, Pete and his brother in The Lord began Double Iron Music whose mission is to lead people to Jesus through praise and worship. “As Iron sharpens Iron, one person sharpens another” Proverbs 27:17 The Lord called on Pete to base the music on scripture and every song honors the Word of God. The first single, “Rise Up’ was released in April of 2019. The EP, “Faithful Servant” was released in December 2019. All Glory to God! Pete resides in Lockhart, Texas with his wife Sarah.


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Faithful Servant

album: Faithful Servant
genre: Christian Contemporary
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Live for Jesus
You have purpose in your life He’ll set your steps
And guide you with his light

The road seems lonely
When we take the narrow way Remain faithful
And soon you’ll hear him say

Good job thy faithful servant Enter thy day of rest

We are called
To serve the living king Spread his word
To every human being

Don’t you worry
Of what you have to say
If its all about Jesus Someday you’ll hear him say

Good job thy faithful servant Enter thy day of rest
Good job thy faithful servant Enter and rest with me

Surrender every day
To the call upon your life So everything you do Do unto the lord

If your faithful to the call You just might hear him say

Chorus (2X)

Faithful Servant


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