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Retired US Military Combat Veteran who is totally dedicated to God and Country. I write all of the songs I write songs that have messages, not to entertain, and I pray that people who listen will get the message.


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He Always Has Time For Me

genre: Country/Southern Gospel
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Every morning when I wake up with the rising of the sun

I never cease to marvel at the many things God’s done

Then I think to myself how busy he must be

But always in his schedule he has time for me



Yes he’s there every time I get on my knees and call

He takes time to pick me up and reassure me when I fall

And He helps me with my problems no matter how big or small they’ll be

Yes, any time I call him he has time for me



I am grateful for the day I let my Savior in

And he delivered me from a lonely life of sin

He broke the bonds of satan and He set me free

Now always in his schedule He has time for me



Now it you want to escape from a world of toil and strife

Just open up your heart and let Jesus guide your life

And He will be the beacon that will lead you safely through

And anytime you call Him He’ll have time for you

He Always Has Time For Me


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