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Retired US Military Combat Veteran who is totally dedicated to God and Country. I write all of the songs I write songs that have messages, not to entertain, and I pray that people who listen will get the message.


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Let's Get High On Jesus

genre: Country/Southern Gospel
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We talk about our country today

And the dreadful shape it’s in

Remembering the good old days

And how things were back then

When we all worked together

And helped carry each other’s load

And we relied on Jesus to smooth the rocky road


We used the Bible as a road map

At home, at work and school

From the time a child could walk

It followed the Golden Rule

We didn’t need to lock our doors

We could walk the streets at night

A man thought of his neighbors

Not lust for his neighbor’s wife



Let’s get high on Jesus

High on Christian Love

We’ll make it through these trials

With the help of God above

Makes no difference who you are

Doesn’t matter where you’ve been

Jesus is there waiting

If you’ll just let him in


It’s not too late to go back

And have times like yesteryear

To share the love and friendships

That we all held so dear

They way is no secret

It’s not hidden from view

All through the New Testament

They tell us what to do


 Repeat (chorus)

Let's Get High On Jesus


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