Origin: Boston, MA

Genres: Rock, Blues, Folk, Gospel, Soul

Years Active: 2008- Present

Label: Old Bear Records

Since 2008, Eric Lee Brumley has been actively performing and recording his original, gritty, soulful music in venues throughout the US, including SoulFest, HillFest, River Rock Music Festival, and many others.

Born in Kansas City, MO, Eric Lee Brumley was raised an only child in Little Compton, Rhode Island. Eric began singing and performing after accepting Christ at the young age of 5 years old. Eric’s home was always filled with instruments growing up, and the support of his mother helped him to develop his voice and musical gifting. 

Eric attended public school where he was distracted from his true calling and dreams of pro baseball by the pitfalls of alcohol and drugs. He grappled with these vices for several years, until, at the age of 18, his parents presented him with an ultimatum: move out of the house, or join a discipleship ministry. Eric, making maybe the most important decision of his life, entered the ministry of Teen Challenge in Boston, Massachusetts, where he would spend the next 7 years undergoing a drastic transformation.

During his residency and apprenticeship at Teen Challenge, Eric studied scripture, led choirs, ministered to men in recovery, attended Global University, and regained his sense of mission, rooted in Christ, and manifested through the use of his musical gifts. Eric’s calling and gifts helped the ministry to reach new heights, as his original songs became anthems for Teen Challenge, for recovery from addiction and sin, and for the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. 

Eric is currently leading worship at Broken Chains Biker Church in Taunton, MA.



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