It all began after having played the rock circuit in New Orleans for years in a secular rock band. Years later, in 1995, DiChiara was born again and a member of then, Trinity Christian Center. Therein laid a quandary…what to do with the music that was still burgeoning within? Empowered was originally born in 1998 by DiChiara. After a first recording, changes of band members, and a long hiatus, Empowered has taken its ministry to the next level with the 2012 CD release of “Soul Cry,” recorded in Nashville. Empowered is a Christian rock band that is based out of Baton Rouge, LA, that wants to empower others with His message. After all, Jesus is the Rock! After pulling together new material from the past couple of years, the band got in touch with Jason Wall at Angel on the Wall Music in Nashville, TN. Studio time was booked, and multi-Grammy Award winner for producing, Jim Dineen of Nashville was added to the mix. The disc was mastered by Erik Wolf at Wolf Mastering in Nashville as well. The Soul Cry disc has tracks that range from guitar-driven rock styles to soft ballads that will stir the soul. The band has made a pledge to the Lord to play Christian music in His honor, and to “empower” people with God’s message. If one life is saved for eternity, this band has done its job. The stage is set for music with passion. Let His message be heard!




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Giant Killers

By EMPOWERED, 2017-07-05

Have you ever had enough? Have you ever been sick and tired of being sick and tired? Does it seem as though Satan is ALL UP IN YO’ STUFF? A lot of times, it looks that way. It feels that way, and we react on those feelings. Well, I’ve learned over the course of my life that feelings kill. And it’s because emotions run our feelings, and with that, we often cannot make a clear-headed decision about anything when we’re like that.

Kid decisions, spouse decisions, work decisions, sometimes even faith decisions. I saw this come across my twitter feed from Toby Mac, and thought it was awesome and spoke a lot.

"Sometimes God will put a Goliath in your life for you to find the David within you."

Can you feel me now? Does that not speak to us and to our trials? David didn’t go looking for Goliath – remember, he went looking for his brothers. The situation happened upon him when he approached the camp. So, when our own personal Goliath...

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