Eric Rapp


From my website: Eric has been playing music and writing songs for over 35 years. In 1981, through a series of miraculous events including being set free from drug/alcohol addiction, eating disorders and severe depression, Eric became a Christian. After a period of time, getting to know the Lord and resting in His grace, Eric returned to music. He began writing Christ centered songs and also leading worship. Eric has had the opportunity to share his music, his testimony and his message (see mission-purpose below) with people throughout the United States and in many foreign countries. He is currently working on his 3rd album, performs as solo artist, leads worship and works with other musical acts. Mission-Purpose: - To convey the Good News to Christians and non-Christians. The Good News that Jesus loves them, cares for them and has a plan for them in His "Bigger Story". - To encourage believers that we can experience God in a greater way. ‘We have not only been set free from sin, but have been set free to soar into the very fellowship of the Father and the Son.’ - To see the Church become a visible representation of how Great God is. ‘Let’s break down any walls that separate us and start working together. I believe that with unity and centering on Jesus Christ, we can see a change in the church and in the world.’ - To help those who are disadvantaged, abused, discouraged, feel unloved, beaten down, depressed to find hope and joy and peace.



Songs: 4

Beyond Our Horizons

Lead Me To The Water