Evelyn Foxx


Evelyn Foxx is a dynamic singer and songwriter who can compose beautiful and powerful inspirational songs.  Her current project “Caught Up In The Spirit” is anchored by a well-received single “I’m Still Standing”, which has a national released video that gives a powerful video representation and sums up how powerful the song is delivered.  Having performed with the likes of, Shirley Ceasar, The Gospel Keynotes, The McDonald Sisters, The Williams Sisters, and many alike, Evelyn can maintain great stage presence and it is very evident that she possesses star searched talent, during performances. We, at Foxx Entertainment LLC, are happy to introduce Evelyn as our premiere artist. 




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Evelyn Foxx - I'm Still Standing

Category: Music
Duration: 00:05:06
Evelyn Foxx - "I'm Still Standing". Directed by Jarrell Crump - Edited by Justin Kuhn. All rights reserved by Foxx Entertainment LLC.
Hear album "Caught Up In The Spirit" NOW!!: https://evelynfoxx.hearnow.com
Buy now or stream : https://music.apple.com/us/artist/evelyn-foxx/192529414


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