Freddie Howard


We love God& Growing in our Walk with Jesus. A Deacon at Antioch Baptist Church, Tunnel Springs Al. Rev. Whalen Oliver, pastor. Choir President, Sound Production for Church, Community Worker, Political Advocacy President Beat 10 Action Groupe a Civil Right Org. Started by Mr. Erza Cunningham of Beatrice, Alabama over 60 years ago. A Strong Christian growing in our Walk with Jesus. Love to sing and Play music. A gift from God that i have fail to show in the past but with a renewed hope in Jesus will sing and Play now until the Day i Die. Love all styles of music. Married over 42 years a powerful and teaching wife "Mary" 4 Children Grown and Gone. 4 Grand children coming and Going. God has Blessed me and my family. i will continue to be a Blessing to God (The Father) The Son (Jesus) The Holy (Spirit) as long as God Willing.


Location: Beatrice, AL
Zipcode: 36425
Country: US


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The Wheat and The Tares. Mp3

album: America Who Do You Love
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The Wheat and The Tares. Mp3


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