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I am just a humble servant of my Lord. He alone has chosen to gift me with many talents, So I might give Honor & Glory to him . With the guidance of the Holy Spirit I pour my heart out in song. I have completed 3 albums to date and am currently working on apx 40 more songs. I produce the last album " I am here but not alone" apx 95% by myself, I played all instruments, vocals, songwriting, recording, editing, mastering ect I just pray that my songs inspire, uplift,and encourge others in their walk , seeking their fullfillment of God


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Giving thanks ! Too: James

By Gary W Weldon Sr, 2011-07-14

 We a musicans /songwither / producers need to take the time fo thank James  B for his unending effort & dedication to keep this site going ! Its alot of work and dedication !
 I myself Gary W Weldon Sr am thankful that James has even concidered my songs for his listing , After  12 years of work & effort and to the point of saying :( Whats the use no one is listening ) James has been,listening  He therefore takes our God given talents and blesses others with it! Thank you James for your encouragement to me to continue!

  Realize we are competing against those who are in it for the $$ not for the Glory of God. Some have the $$ to produce music @ professional studios,  I record In my home grown studio , I have no choice but to do it all ,Write songs, Lay scratch tracks, play the drums, guitar,bass, piano, pedal steel lead vocals, harmonies ect ! Can't afford...

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