Gord Lang


To date I have written and recorded 6 cds of Country Gospel music. My wife and I have 3 adult children, 6 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild. I am part of the worship team at our local church.




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Send The Rain

album: My Strong Tower
genre: Christian Country
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Lord the heavens have been closed because we've strayed so far from You
There's a thirsting in our spirits for the early morning dew
We had blessings in abundance – but now they seem so few
We stand humbled in Your presence – and the only thing to do (is to cry)

 (We cry) Lord – (won't You please) send the rain
 Send us times of refreshing once again
       (Send us times of refreshing once again)
 We need rest from all our labors and healing from the pain
 Oh Lord (in Your mercy) send the rain    
         (send the rain)

Lord the locust has invaded and there's mildew in the field
And we've given up on hoping that this barren land will yield
But we're clinging to the promise that Your word will be our shield
To the people who are watching let Your mercy be revealed (as we cry)

There's a rumble in the distance – clouds have gathered in the sky
There are pools of refreshing rain where once the land was dry
And we know the God of Mercy has listened to our cry
And because we are His children He will never pass us by (when we cry)

Send The Rain


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