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The moment he takes the stage, Greg Perryman demands your attention. What he does to a song, be it his own or one that he makes his own, cannot be described as merely performing. His impressive and inspiring presence and style captivate his audiences, moving them up into the experience of what once was just a song. For as long as he can remember, Greg has been steeped in music, a soul that gets it on a higher level . At an early age Greg was exposed to such talents as Buck Owens, Bob Wills, Earnest Tubbs, Creedance Clearwater, Steppenwolf, The Allman Bros. and B.B. King. Continuing music on to college where he added mandolin & fiddle to his skills. For over twenty years, Greg has shared stages with national & regional acts alike. Finding himself without a reason not to come home he returned to the Tulsa area and formed what was to become "The Charburgers Band" settling in to a classic,rock/blues format that became a favorite of clubs, parties, and festivals alike. Commanding attention his energy mesmerizes and entertains audiences of all ages. From country to rock, to blues to now christian music,it's all home to Greg. His own songs are a reflection of his passion for what he calls "in the pocket music". So don't ask him "what kind of music he plays".. for his likely response will be "Good I hope" It's just what it is, unique, exciting, and topped off with lyrics that make you think a bit while the infectious melody gets you dancing and singing along. Greg & wife Donna's latest release "Great Big World" is a collection of christian songs defining their faith in God


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