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We welcome you with the love of the Lord! We offer to you the best in Christian and Gospel music. Greg Logins,once under the guidance and teachings of Gospel music' great, Charles Johnson has only to follow God and the gifts that have been bestowed on him and Revival. Greg Logins lives with his family in Newark, New York but admits that many of his Southern Gospel roots come from Grenada, Mississippi where he has spent time with his family. Lonnie “Pop” Logins (Greg’s father) bound his sons together by forming a gospel group very early in their lives. Today Greg credits his father for sparking his interest in Southern Gospel music and for teaching him to love and honor God. With his father as his role model, Greg is teaching his children to be obedient to the word and call of God on their life. In 1991 Greg Logins was given the opportunity to sing and play with Charles Johnson & the Revivers. In 2003 Greg felt called by God to start his own ministry, Greg Logins and Revival. Greg is no stranger to the Gospel music world, he has charted on the National Billboard Chart with the song “Come By Here” at number 22. He has also traveled to Italy, Germany and other cities in Europe.” My goal in life is to let people know that God still saves and heals.” My goal for this ministry is to go to every city and every church, large or small, telling every man, woman, boy or girl, that the Lord our Redeemer, is soon to come “says Greg Logins.Greg is proud to say that he is living his dream of sharing the gospel through music and ministry. Greg’s ambition in life is to reach all of his brothers and sisters in Christ, so that people can experience the blessings that God so openly bestows upon us. Not only is Greg a talented vocalist but also an accomplished songwriter. Greg Logins is affiliated with BMI and has his own publishing company “Greg Logins Publishing“. His music is written to glorify God and therefore is not something that he feels comfortable just throwing down on paper. He searches his heart for the right words to put in a song just as he searches his heart for his for sermons as well as his everyday walk with the Lord. Greg has been a pastor at the House of Praise in Newark, New York since 2002. After hearing Greg Logins and Revival, any Southern Gospel music fan is sure to find a song that they will love on this Southern Gospel release. With the pen of God and lead by the spirit of God Greg Logins wrote most of the songs on their new release when talking to Greg it is amazing to hear his main concern in life is to see souls saved. His love for God is what makes him such an outstanding artist in today’s world. Greg admits he would love to make it to the top, but he knows no worldly goods can compare to the promises God has for him in Heaven. With all of the terrible things happening in the world today, Greg strives to look for the good in everyone and constantly looks past today and searches for the rewards to come from God.



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Greg Logins and Revival "All Come Together"

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LonDora Records Present another smash hit by Greg Logins and Revival. We are so excited to share another heart felt song with you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 2019 is the year that we must not give up or give in. If you would like to purchase any of Greg Logins and Revival CD’s Please visit . Thank you for your prays and support.
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