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Hello! My name is Jayne and I manage Hope's Creed out of Calgary! I also write for the band and play the keys in it. We're so happy to submit 'A Street Called Mercy' to you, and we hope you enjoy it and it blesses your listeners. God bless your ministry! Keep blessing Canada!




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A Street Called Mercy

album: Know You Better
genre: Contemporary Christian Music
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A Street Called Mercy
T. Roy Taylor
06/06/21 01:25:11PM @t-roy-taylor:

Matthew 25 - Hope's Creed - Your song, "A Street Called Mercy", that hit #1 November 2020 on

" T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel TOP 20"

has been selected to be on:

"T. Roy Taylor's Artist of the Month" list.

Go to my page and click on the "PAGES" tab. Click on it.

You'll see "T. Roy Taylor's Artist of the Month". Click on it.

You will see a chart with the month, artist, song title and award column.

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T. Roy Taylor - Indiegospel.net

T. Roy Taylor
11/04/20 05:04:20PM @t-roy-taylor:

"Hope's Creed" with their powerful spirit filled song, "A Street Called Mercy", is now in the Number #1 spot on

" T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Top 20". Great song! Give it a listen, Follow them and Share this song here on IndieGospel with your unsaved and saved friends.


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