• Live Radio Hosts

    DJ Redman's Radio Page  

    The Bread of live Worship Service - with Pastor Joe Focht for those that cannot make church and thirst for Gods word. Join us Sundays at 12:00 -1:30 PM Eastern time.

    Eternal Cross Show - A variety of Christian music including CCM, Blues, light Rock, and singer/songwriters, all giving glory to God. Tuesdays 10-12 PM Eastern.

    Tuesday Night Thunder (TNT) - An Explosion of Hard Rock and Heavens Metal. For those that like a Hard Edge on their Christian music. Hosted by DJ Redman. Tuesdays 1:00-3:00 AM Eastern.

    The Blues with RedMan Show - Playing Christian Blues that glorifies God. The style that you love, with lyrics that carry the Gospel. This is Blues with a message...Thursdays 10-12 PM Eastern




      The Dusty Roads Show

    with Jerry "the bluesman" Herrera

    ╬  Music For The Soul & Words To Live By

         Wednesdays ~ 5-7:PM pacific    
    ╬    Children's Bible Stories (Real Hero's of the Bible)
         Theater (Building Character One Story At ATime)

         Sundays ~ 5-7:PM pacific




    Ken Rich - At any time during the scheduled " station mix" (which is selected by Ken), he may go live to DJ, to make announcements, open up the lines for talk, or bring in a guest for an interview.

    Also, he will be doing some pre-announced " live " shows from time to time for special occasions and events.

    The behind the scenes work which allows the radio and network to function are, of course, the top priority. However, when time permits, he likes to put in some " on air " time too.



  • Radio Programs

    If you would like to become a live DJ or radio host
    or have a syndicated show to air please  contact us


    Brian David CMS  Dec 2018 wlogo 4x4.jpg

    Christian Music Spotlight with Brian David is a Contemporary Christian AC show. I do a verbal top 5 countdown, concert calendar, and two 60-second devotionals to encourage and grow your faith in God. My slogan is “Today’s Hits & Yesterday’s Classics” because I play today’s biggest Christian hits, and classic songs that you may have forgotten. Sometimes you may hear an independent artist also, which you probably won’t hear anywhere else. I also do my best not to repeat an artist or song in back-to-back weeks. With the great variety of songs that I handpick, you will surely enjoy it.  I invite you to listen to Christian Music Spotlight and to tell your friends!





    Refuge Ministries Canada - equipping churches for youth prison ministry in their community. Join host Dave Shearer every Friday night at 8:30 EST for " Refuge Freedom Stories " - real lives changed by the power of God.







    Brian and Sharon Bannister blend Brian's talent for playing steel guitar with Sharon's vocals and arrangements. Their faith filled music incorporates country, Texas swing, blues and bluegrass styles.










    The Donna Walton Gospel Show flyer_300x300 1.jpg


    Donna Walton showcases and interviews Indie Artists from all across the nation and spotlights their music. Each week the show emphasizes and educates on timeless hymns sung by Gospel Artists.








    Haven Ministries has a mission to lead Christians and non-Christians to wholeness in Christ Jesus, and to target what’s on people’s minds with solutions for the heart. 




    Adventures in Odyssey are half hour radio dramas about the people in the fictional small town of Odyssey. Themes that range from the comedic to the dramatic but behind each entertaining episode is a thought-provoking, uplifting message that will inspire your entire family.



    The radio outreach of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) mixes Biblical teaching and Christian apologetics. The programs seek to explore issues such as life’s meaning, the credibility of the Christian message and the Bible, the weakness of modern intellectual movements, and the uniqueness of Jesus Christ. The goal is to help the thinker to believe, and the believer to think.






      Focus on the Family provides care, advice, support, and encouragement to families at every stage of life. They work hard to respond to the many real issues families face and to provide sound practical guidance based on Christian principles. 







    UNSHACKLED  - the award-winning radio drama from Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago grips the heart with compelling and relevant stories of transformed lives. Without Jesus Christ, we are all shackled by sin — by our wrong choices, disobedience, and selfish motives. But God is at work, and the power of Christ sets us free of our bondage. We are... "UNSHACKLED!"




    Sunday Side Up - Two hours of southern, bluegrass and country gospel music. This show contains 35% Canadian content. 8-10 AM EST every Sunday morning.




    Tribulation Radio  -  Rev. Daniel W Blair  brings you information, encouragement, and Godly council for the last days. He is joined by vocalist  Paula Disbrow  for a half hour of timeless messages in word and song. Produced by  He Reigns Christian Ministries .




    Embers of the Day - Program host Ray Sargent brings you an hour of quiescent and gentle songs taken from the southern, bluegrass and country genres.

    A soothing end for your day and played nightly at 12- 1 AM EST here on Indie Gospel Radio.