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As I look at the turmoil of the world of late, I have come to the realization that the question; "What am I doing?" has crossed my mind more than once. The time has come to take a closer look at my own life and what I feel God wants me to do! Even though most events are beyond my control, I can still do something within God's will. For many years I have preached the "Gospel of Jesus Christ" to members of my congregations, and now social media, that will listen! My duty is no less now than then, in fact it is probably MORE! With time getting shorter, I need to do MUCH, MUCH MORE! Although fewer and fewer people will listen, it is our LAST CHANCE to tell a lost and dying generation about the saving grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

There are things we need to know and understand!
  • Our Freedom is quickly leaving! We see a Government that use to guarantee us our Free Rights, now mandating our demise. Our President simply issues ordinances and that quickly we lose another cherished freedom.
  • The things we once took for granted are now things of the past. We once could choose our healthcare choices, but now they are dictated to us through the cover of Obama-Care (whether we desire them or not), we no longer have a choice. In fact we are to be fined if we DO NOT participate. All this means is that we are forced to take a system that even the Senators, Congressmen, and the President won't be a part of, and our refusal will be fined. I love America and the Freedom it stands for, but I DON"T LIKE THE COUNTRY WE HAVE BECOME!
  • Our National Leadership is now our DOWNFALL!! Allowing our nation to default so easily is a prime example of how our nation can and has been brought to a standstill. Simply because people that were elected by us seemingly CANNOT do their JOBS! Fighting over money we DON'T HAVE and HEALTHCARE we DO NOT LIKE! We can only pay the interest on our debts (If the President prints enough worthless money).
  • One of the worst things is that people are seemingly unconcerned about any of these problems (either that or helpless to find answers to problems we've never before faced). Our freedom has NEVER BEFORE been SO THREATENED! We have NEVER BEFORE had to SACRIFICE so MUCH (in this generation, I mean). So many of our forefathers gave their lives for our freedoms and now we seem to be giving all of that up without firing a single shot.
  • We have raised a faithless generation that don't have a God to turn to or trust in! You ask; "Where are your Scriptures to back these things up?" I could give them, but so many have fallen so far, that they wouldn't read them anyway. There are so few daily Bibles read and Prayers prayed that God has become the foreign faith image of our society. Our children haven't been allowed to pray for so long that they are now a prayerless society. I remember in my youth ministry as a youth pastor. at the beginning parents would bring their kids with them to church, then as time passed, they would drop them off at church. Then at the last, churches would run buses and vans to pick up the few that we could get to come.
  • Christianity is the minority these days with our faith infringing on the rights of all other faiths. I guess we as Christians have NO RIGHTS ANYMORE! The biggest rise these days are Islamics (with whom our President has close ties with). BTW, they are those that wish all Christians were dead! Can you see why the end is SO CLOSE??
  • Even members of our military are ashamed to serve this Commander in General because of his despicable actions and orders. They all want to quit! If nobody has the desire to fight for our nations' freedoms, then I'm afraid it's hopeless. I will, however, protest with my dying breath these atrocities of our leadership. Our founding fathers created a national freedom from such things, and now we are LOSING them!
  • The Rev Martin Luther King Jr, started a protest for Black America that changed the way a Nation looked upon them. Now is is high-time that we start a protest that will bring America back to the Freedom we once had. Had you rather lose your rights without fighting, or dye trying to get our rights back (and I'm not speaking of violence, but peaceful protests as Martin Luther King participated in). It seemed there were weekly protests in Washington, DC back then, why can we have massive weekly protests there until our Government gives our rights back to us.
  • It's VERY CLEAR that our President doesn't have the best interest of our nation and people at heart. It seems he is strongly bent toward harming everything we have fought and died for throughout the years, and the sad part is that he is the first Black President of the nation with all discrimination's against Blacks now propelled to new discrimination's from him towards many, many people of all nationalities and color. You think one from such background could see the harm of such behavior.
So what am I to Do? I am to do what I have been doing (Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and dying world), plus expressing my protest of our rights being taken from us by a leadership gone out of control. Making everyone who hears, or reads my thought aware of the things going on around us NOW! We cannot have a Government that cares not for our Ambassadors, and fighting forces (allowing them to die on foreign soil at the hands of terrorists enemies). Then to deny access to the truth behind all of these things, and on top of that force a healthcare system of such wrong down our throats, to the point of fining those who refuse to participate (all because a President won't negotiate it evils). Then to bring a Nation to a standstill because of the same! This is suppose to heal our Nation and brings us back from the ill financial past? I believe this disabled and handicapped old man is smarter than they are, and that's not a good thing! But, you know the worst thing is I am not buying their ignorance as their excuses. Sorrowfully, they know what they're doing! They are bringing our Democracy down from within by their acts of ignorance and actions of NO ACTION! Republicans blaming Democrats, Democrats blaming Republicans, and a President fueling it ALL with his dictator like orders and actions. NO NEGOTIATION! WE CANNOT SIT BACK AND ALLOW THIS ANY LONGER!! WE MUST TAKE TO THE STREETS IN PROTEST OF THESE THINGS! VOTE THOSE REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE, AND IMPEACH A PRESIDENT WHO HAS GONE FAR TOO FAR IN HIS WRONGNESS! THIS IS HOW I SEE IT!!!
Rev Zack Martin Sr.

In His Name,
Rev. Zack martin Sr.

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